Open by appointment! Call 734-665-5651 to confirm availability.


All of Lodi Farms landscaping services are performed by Canopy Landscapes. Canopy Landscapes
is not an outsourced third-party installer. Lodi Farms and Canopy share the same owner, both
operate out of our Wagner Rd. location, and work hand in hand on your project.

Tree Planting:
Trees are an investment in the future. For 20 years Lodi Farms has been growing, transplanting,
and re-planting our trees into your landscape. After selecting and purchasing a tree at the nursery,
let our expert crews start the future out right and plant your tree today.

Returning 2023, Lodi Farms is providing full-service landscaping for your project’s needs. Our
experienced installation crews can handle both small and large projects. Whether it be building
new garden beds, redesigning existing beds, mulching, sod install, drainage or irrigation; we can
take care of it. Call or stop in to discuss.

Landscape Consultations:
When planning a landscape project there are multiple things to take under consideration before
starting. Let Lodi Farms help you plan and grow your project by booking a landscape
consultation. A Lodi Farms designer will visit your property and provide suggestions for plant
material and layouts. If you’d like to add on or create new landscapes, we’ve got you covered. If
you’ve just purchased a home and want to discuss plant identification, care, and pruning, we
can help! One of the benefits of our consultations is after you can come to the nursery and see
the plants discussed in real time!
Great for any DIY projects and for customers who have experience with gardening and want just
a general idea of what to plant. Fee is $150 for 1 hour consultation and does not include a