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Jane returned from her Gospel Choir
tour of England and France in August
2010, with hundreds of pictures and
stories. A highlight was a visit to Monet's
Garden--several people around her
heard the shriek of delight when she
came to the same scene that was at
the Ann Arbor Flower Show in 1996,  
when Lodi Farms created Monet's
Garden as the entry garden for the
Flower Show.
This is how the trees come from the Christmas tree farm in
Greenville, MI to Lodi Farms!  Unloading is always fun!
to read more about the choir:  onevoicegospelchoir.org
Thank you for visiting our
Lodi Farms began as Timberscapes
Landscape Contractors in 1986.  In 1988,
owners Dan and Jane Riddle moved the
business, as well as themselves, to the
corner of Wagner and Waters Road in
Ann Arbor.  It was such a great spot for a
greenhouse and nursery, they changed
the name to Lodi Farms Ltd and began
selling plants in 1992, with a prayer and a
one-page plant list.

We gave those early customers such
good service they came back, then told
their friends, who also came to buy
plants, and the business steadily grew.  
We added a greenhouse in 1995 which
keeps everyone happier on rainy or cold
days.  It also gives the cats a great place
to hang out.

We are more than just plants!  Our
landscaping staff can design and build
patios, walkways, walls, and garden
rooms, and help you choose the perfect
plants, from trees to annuals, to
compliment your new landscape.  Our
designs are custom-tailored for your
home, your lifestyle, your garden

We also grow trees!  We have a 56-acre
tree farm in Parma, Michigan (just west
of Jackson) where we grow our own
shade and ornamental trees.  Sustainable
Landscapes START with Michigan-grown

Let's get started!  If you need plants,
have a crazy plant question, need a
truckload of shredded bark, or compost,
or topsoil, want to schedule a
consultation with Justin, our amazing
landscape designer, or want to walk
around and get inspired with our
hundreds of trees, shrubs and perennials,
get a pumpkin in October or a Christmas
tree or wreath in December, we want to
be your new favorite nursery!
And Just A Few Things From the last few years...
Dan is kiteboarding
Kwanzan Cherry Blossoms
Redbud in Bloom
Forsythia--the First Shrub Of Spring!
We SOLD OUT of Christmas trees AGAIN in 2011...and
2012...and 2013...!! Thank you so much to all who keep
coming back to find their perfect Christmas tree!!

Monday - Friday 9am to 6pm
Saturday 9am to 4pm

We are located at
2880 South Wagner Road,
at the corner of Wagner and Waters Roads,
just South of Scio Church Road.
Our phone number is (734) 665-5651
Please ALWAYS know that we welcome your questions, and that you're NEVER
"bothering us" with calls and comments and inquiries.  This is why we're here, and it's
interesting for the staff too!  Answering your questions, finding out the how and why, and
making you happy is our job, and we enjoy it!  Ask away!
Here's Our Current
Calendar of Savings
SO...How Much Does Landscaping COST?  We've put
together a page of "basic" costs of front landscapes
and patios and trees...
click HERE to get the details!
Got questions on stump removal and new tree
Looking for plants?
Fragrant Snowball Viburnum
The choir again traveled in
2013, this time to Germany,
Austria and the Czech
Republic.  Highlights included
a re-visit of Eagles Nest in
southern Germany, an
emotional and unforgettable
visit to Mauthausen
concentration Camp in
Austria, and singing in many
wonderful places, including
the Cathedral in Prague,
where the choir "stopped
traffic flow" because so many
people wanted to stop and
listen and not continue their
tour of the Cathedral!
We had a hand at the
Winter Classic at U-M
Stadium on New Years
Day--we dressed up
the logos near the ice
AND decorated  the
porta-potties outside
the stadium!
We'll be closed Saturday, Sunday and Monday for
LABOR DAY WEEKEND...enjoy the last "official" weekend
of Summer!